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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"It's noboby. Just the IT guy"

A new Turner Broadcast television show called Trust Me, is set in a traditional Chicago big scale advertising company.

The show has a ring of giving life to a dinosaur and not really connected to today's business environment.

I though it was an ironic moment tonight, when I caught this comment.

The senior creative director was hiding his boss in the creative director's office. Seems that his boss had been sent home to calm down after an intramural altercation.

When a copy writer (and the show has some pretty solid work place stereotypes), asked the creative director - "who's in there?" - the response was : "Oh, that's nobody. It's the IT guy".

Now, that rang true. And maybe, the only moment of the show that did.

Out of touch dinosaurs in all industries, always give themselves away with the simple language of exclusion and silo behavior.

How many organizations still think of IT as the help desk?

While it is not uncommon to respect and even publicize the IT functions of a company, it's another thing to collaborate with IT to achieve business objectives and strategies.

I am not saying anything new. In fact, that's the point.

Sometimes, pop-culture TV is more insightful than intended.


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