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A long time mentor and friend, Cicely Berry, often says: "all we do comes from our need to survive".

Cis is the Voice Director of The Royal Shakespeare Company. Her profound work and deep appreciation of the human spirit has affected diverse communities all over the world.

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This blog is dedicated to the belief that the overall health of a community or organization is a clear reflection of their ability to communicate.

"Cada cabeza es un mundo" - Cuban proverb

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Helping New Technologies Grow Into Businesses

Published: September 17, 2008 New York Times


Connect was created 23 years ago to bring together people knowledgeable about business and investment capital with researchers at the universities and research institutes in San Diego.

“Bill Otterson created the culture here, telling scientists and research people to share ideas and then compete in the marketplace”

Great story about putting together people who might not easily share ideas.

"A community effort to ally scientists and financiers".

Building community is not a new idea. It's the communities that provide the ongoing innovation.