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A long time mentor and friend, Cicely Berry, often says: "all we do comes from our need to survive".

Cis is the Voice Director of The Royal Shakespeare Company. Her profound work and deep appreciation of the human spirit has affected diverse communities all over the world.

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This blog is dedicated to the belief that the overall health of a community or organization is a clear reflection of their ability to communicate.

"Cada cabeza es un mundo" - Cuban proverb

"Every head is a world"

Monday, May 11, 2009

What's New and Good and Bad

Today, for the first time in the history of the work place, we have a small army of workers who are skilled at creating and using visual media. An arena that was previously held for "experts".

And, I understand that visual media dates back to the cave days. Every tribe has it's story tellers. Now, everyone has a pallet.

I was listening to a radio discussion about cruelty on U Tube. How people actually find humor in human suffering with certain videos.

One response regarding a video apparently showing someone in mental and physical torment was:
"I did not even think the person was real".

This got me to thinking. I spend considerable time developing and observing social networks and social network analysis. It is becoming clear to me that the very same mechanisms for creating community also can and do build arenas totally absent of empathy.

This lack of empathy was a notion put forth by the commentator during his interview.

I also began to think that the ability to network is new, but then again, is it? And, it seems that many people, build networks, text one another and use abbreviated language to build a sense of home. A home that is theirs. Not their parent's home, or their relative's home, but their own home.

Historically, there are many references to arenas without empathy. In Ancient Rome for example, empathy was a vote by the aristocracy and a cry from the public for yes or no.

Our ability to network is deeper than the social marketing hype we are experiencing today.

It has something to do with our nature. And that, we must always recognize as good and capable of what is bad.
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