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A long time mentor and friend, Cicely Berry, often says: "all we do comes from our need to survive".

Cis is the Voice Director of The Royal Shakespeare Company. Her profound work and deep appreciation of the human spirit has affected diverse communities all over the world.

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This blog is dedicated to the belief that the overall health of a community or organization is a clear reflection of their ability to communicate.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is Our Sense of Discovery Changing?

Here's a thought starter that has me wondering. I am a great believer in what some people in organizations call "Collective Intelligence".

People who understand this, really do put the belief further than the consultant speak it hints at. It's truly significant when placed in an open environment. And, it is the continuous seed of innovation.

Lately, I have been using a derivative term that I call "Collective Instinct". Collective Intelligence is about knowledge and experience. Collective Instinct is what people believe can help to create knowledge and develop experience.

In some ways, we still think of discovery as science defined it centuries ago. Or, as lawyers view a critical process. And now, we often think of it as a collaborative moment or series of moments that may be defined by people thought of as technically proficient.

Another way we look at discovery is shared or communal experience. We look at product forums before we buy a food processor, car or laptop.

In the early days of the Greek theater. Citizens were funded to attend performances if they could not afford to attend on their own. One could not be a true citizen without the ability to know that theater was a way of the society talking to itself about itself. You had to participate to live fully and contribute.

Today, our collaboration and sense of discovery may reflect in some way, the kinds of silos often found in business organizations. Art, music, theater provide a different kind of sharing. One that business desperately and obviously needs to understand better. Sustainability is a deeper conversation than most organizations feel comfortable with. Our economy proves that.

The ancient Greeks defined economy as the ability to sustain the life of something for as long as possible.

All the best for sustaining during a difficult time.


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