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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Interesting Conversation about Brands

I placed this comment a few minutes ago responding to a good conversation on the memetic brand site. www.memeticbrand.com

Good discussion.

If we can assume that brand is about loyalty (traditional thought) and loyalty is about logic, then it is possible to consider collective intelligence as rationale for brand building.

In a networked economy (good and bad), decisions are often a collection of influences. Social Capital is deeply connected to trust. Trust is indeed measurable, but more important are the consequences when a lack of trust exists.

One great philosopher said: "Reality, not the real is dependent upon care".

Through social networking, it is possible to build a sense of trust and reality. One can begin to tell the difference between valuable interaction and hype.

Sometimes, I am reminded while networking, of my old neighborhood in Brooklyn New York where I grew up.

When a family had a trauma, meals would suddenly show up at their door. Somehow, the neighbors instinctively took up caring for the routines that the traumatized family could not pay attention to. It was collective instinct and implementation for the neighbors to react and be supportive.

I see much of this kind of supportive collective instinct and intelligence in collaborative spaces today.

What I don't see, is the acknowledgment to understand that brands are often very personal selections between millions of people.

Just think about the power of connecting that reality to sustainable and continuous improvement. And, to what that could mean to our worlds.

Sal Rasa

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