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Friday, October 3, 2008

Internal Communications - The Continuing Myth

Today, I answered a Linked In question about internal communications.

Here's what I said:

To provoke some response to your statement and hear from others, I will suggest a different point of view. And, it's one I believe in.

We should forget "internal" vs. "external" communications in organizations. The world does not work that way anymore. The boundaries are gone.

Content that bores people is the real danger. Content that excludes people because of traditional internal competition depletes ROI and destroys innovation.

People working in the food industry to develop new products forget their "secrets" once at home, where they face contemporary issues like child diabetes. They are customers as well as workers in a world where information sharing and learning are routine ventures on the Internet and within their social networks. Formal and Informal Networks.

Living and working in a networked society and economy has made the internal vs. external separatism archaic.

Wherever organizations still live to provide paternalistic communication structures, you will find an underachieving culture. Sometimes, that shows up in dollars and more often in not supporting human potential.

This is not to say that internal work and information sharing should not be organized. However, understanding what kind of organizational structure is dependent upon the kind of WEB 2.0 world we live in. And, the way these formal and informal networks can provide value.

People are far less tolerant of their E bay world not functioning than they are of the corporate communications methodologies that limit creativity and inclusion.

Understanding that phenomenon is a transformation worth investing in for companies.

Best of luck with your exploration.

Sal Rasa
im21 (innovation/measurement 21st. century)

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