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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Web 3.0 - Is It The Promise of Re-engineering?

I was looking at some quotes regarding web 2.0 since I have become interested in pursuing what web 3.0 may offer us in the workplace.

Here's one from Auren Hoffman CEO, Rapleaf.

"We (the community) have time to create linux, which is amazing, we have time to create wikipedia, we have time to put reviews on yelp, and read and write blogs. We just have way to much time on our hands, maybe that was all time we were doing passive things watching TV, now all that passive time has become active time and we are creating stuff".

I found this quote interesting having spent several years working on large scale re-engineering efforts. How does this move to 2.0 and now 3.0 allow us to create "stuff" that's valuable?

1. Early Intranet development really enabled a power change. People began to understand that they could make decisions faster than management. Intranet created an ability to shift power and distribution of information while Internet enables a change in the distribution of labor, services and goods.

2. The move to "common process" was not easy and many organizations still have not realized the fulfillment of process/processes changes decades after their re-engineering

3. Knowledge Management thinking is changing as companies like IBM take a new look at "conversations"

Is web 3.0 the fulfillment of what re
-engineering promised?

In a world where communication and implementation are often the same/simultaneous customer experience, what is it that we want from collaborative information sharing capability? What "stuff" are we talking about.

What do you think?


Some other good quotes:

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