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A long time mentor and friend, Cicely Berry, often says: "all we do comes from our need to survive".

Cis is the Voice Director of The Royal Shakespeare Company. Her profound work and deep appreciation of the human spirit has affected diverse communities all over the world.

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This blog is dedicated to the belief that the overall health of a community or organization is a clear reflection of their ability to communicate.

"Cada cabeza es un mundo" - Cuban proverb

"Every head is a world"

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Inarticulate Innovator

I have written about this notion of the Inarticulate Innovator before. However, it is a concept that deserves repetition because this is an idea that is born from neglect.

In many communities and organizations, there are people who have real ideas and innovative notions to offer, but for some reason or another, do not easily choose to articulate.

I am a talker. And, I most assuredly have inhibited others at times. Group behaviours do that on a regular basis. If the ability to communicate is a real indicator of a community or an organization's overall health (mentally, physically and financially) then, it is imperative to find and encourage the Inarticulate Innovator.

In the work place this can become very debilitating for people. It can also become very liberating and healthy when recognized.

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