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Friday, March 23, 2007

What's In An Aspect Ratio?

What changed in our buying behaviors that drove us to wide screen computer and television screens? When and why did our preferences move from square to rectangle?

Wide screen was radical only a few years ago and thought to relate only to certain technologies like High Definition imaging.

Painters have always created to have us sense the image beyond the dimensions of the canvas that we see in front of us. Stage directors always attempt to create a realm beyond the stage we see.

Is it possible that today, since we are hammered with repetitive images on television and computer screens, that wide screen may offer us a sense that more exists beyond the repetition we see and hear?

Or, is wide screen a true example of Demand Creation? Something that has been initiated for us to embrace and buy?

Perhaps, gaming and a sense of bringing home what people once had to go to a movie theater to experience, provides us a sense of safety and control of the entertainment and information we encounter. Often, the information we get on our screens is intolerable from a human point of view and yet, it becomes almost like Teflon in the way we don't quite feel or acknowledge the experience of receiving it.

What is this change to wide screen? This stretch of image. What do you think it represents?


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